Less ironing

Downy Wrinkle Releaser actually works. Kind of.

I picked up this little bottle because it seemed cheap and small (TSA friendly at 3 FL OZ (90ml)), and promised I wouldn't have to iron. I didn't think it would work, but shockingly it does.

Normally when you have wrinkled clothes, you have to drag out the ironing board and you have to try not to cause major injuries with the iron. And you have to listen to that horrid squeal when you open the ironing board.

Once I get past that, I don't really mind ironing, but I'm not very good at it. It takes me 20 minutes to iron a shirt.

And when my shirts come out of my suitcase, they need to be ironed.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser is much simpler. I simply hang my shirt up, give it a few spritzes with this magic liquid, and tug gently on the shirt. Most of the wrinkles come right out. Some of the one that don't come out right away, will disappear on their own in a few hours. Then I just hang it up in the bathroom when I take my morning shower and that gets rid of the rest of the wrinkles.

It's not a clean or sharp looking as if I actually ironed, but it still leaves me looking reasonably professional with minimal late night effort. And that's a worthwhile trade off for me.


Jesse Stark said...

I've used that stuff for years and love it. It just doesn't have the most appealing smell in the world though.

Metallman said...

Dude, I need to get me this stuff. Ironing doesn't exist in my place and I tend to buy the "wrikle free" stuff to avoid ironing. Clothes that do need to be ironed tends to stay in the closet for long periods of time. Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Here's a secret. You don't need to buy and use that stuff. Spritzing water on your clothes while they hang on a hanger works just as well. Just use any clean spray bottle filled with water and you are good to go. Tug on the clothes a bit to flatten some of the wrinkles and by the time the clothes dry, the wrinkles are released.

Anonymous said...

I have a bottle of that too - I bought it on a business trip once. Its pretty handy stuff :)


I am addicted to that stuff! I don't use an iron at all! It is one of the best inventions!

Anonymous said...

That looks pretty awesome. How come I can't find something like that here?!!?!