New animals

From the Seattle PI:

Nutria -- a voracious herbivore as big as a large housecat and prone to molelike digging that turns lakeshores into Swiss cheese -- are enemy No. 1 for some Seattle residents and businesses.


Oh, come on. Now they're just making stuff up. A cross between a beaver and a rat is eating the shore line? That's just silly.

They're 20 pounds and eat five pounds of vegetation a day? And we brought them in decades ago? Why is this just making the news now?

If these critters are as nasty as the article says they are, then I'm sure we need to solve the problem.

But I can't help thinking this is all some weird practical joke.

Just then, a grebe paddled by.

"They could build a nest and a nutria buzzes through and they're a goner," she said of the small bird. "I can't help but thinking this bird-nesting habitat is significantly affected."

A grebe? Seriously?

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Haute in LA said...

LOL! Reinvention and embellishment are the spice of life (for some).