Life in the skies...Almost

This morning I was scheduled to fly from Seattle to San Antonio, via O'Hare.

I got to the airport at about 8:45, and got checked with minor hassle. Then I headed over to the N gates for my flight on AS 26, scheduled to depart at 10:45 AM or so. This would give me a nice layover in ORD in case anything went wrong.

Here is the list of text messages I sent to my GF today.

  • Gate change old plane now goes to hawaii new plane at d gates (9:42)
  • Still at sea tac two hour delay by chicago air traffic control weather (11:23)
  • Now we have a mechanical delay (11:49)
  • Finally on plane have fun today (11:59)
  • Still at sea tryinging new plane now will likely miss connection unless they get massive delay too (1:42)
  • Scheduled to board new plane in ten minutes its not here yet (1:50)
  • Now scheduled to reach ord at 8 18 connection leaves at 8 25 (1:57)
  • Now on eleven tonight on american (2:16)
So now instead of flying SEA-ORD-SAT and arriving at 11:10 PM, I fly SEA-DFW-SAT. I leave SEA at 11:40 tonight and arrive at 8:13 AM tomorrow morning.

I think I'm going to be late for booth duty the first day of the trade show.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I've been hearing more and more stories like this from friends who are frequent travelers. It's no longer a sure thing that you will wind up where you need to be when you need to be there.

Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you luck! I work for an airline and since Thursday, at least, all the airlines have been experiencing huge delays and cancellations with the weather in the South and the East. It has been a nightmare! I'm so sorry you will be late to your trade show. Good Luck vibes being sent your way! :)

Anonymous said...

this brings back some not so pleasant memories when I was in the trade show business..and one of the reasons I drive..:)