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Anyone need a small fridge?
2008-07-19 College Fridge

I had a great dorm refrigerator when I was in college (1990). It was bigger than most -- 28" tall and about 17" across.

After college I hung onto it, because that's the kind of thing I do. It's moved with me through several states and apartments. For years, I used it as a night stand because it was the perfect height, and that meant I didn't need to buy a night stand.

But now it's time to part with it. I have don't really have room in my apartment for it. It has done Yeoman's service for me, but I'd rather have the floor space in my living room back.

It still works; I made ice cubes with it recently to check it out.

If you would like this fridge, I'm giving it away. The only cost is that you have to pick it up in First Hill (which is near downtown Seattle). Contact me through email at my name (Cromely) at gmail or through the comments here.

You can find more pictures of it here.

2008-07-19 College Fridge (1)

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