I gotta say, the idea of going down the slide in a non-emergency does sound kind of fun. Of course it doesn't matter how quickly you get off the plane when you still have to deal with customs and baggage claim. And replacing the slide for the airline can't be cheap. So I guess I'll stick with the door.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Guyanese authorities say a first-class airline passenger was so angry at seeing economy passengers leave a jetliner before him that he yanked open an emergency hatch and slid down the chute.

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Apparently The Obama campaign thought it sounded like fun, too.

The plane, an MD-80 Midwest charter, struggled to keep the nose at the necessary angle, as it left for Charlotte, N.C., the pilot said. Later, Midwest Airlines said the problem developed because an emergency slide located in the tail cone of the plane deployed in flight and never threatened the safety of the flight. The National Transportation Safety Board said it planned to investigate the incident.



Anonymous said...

I think the first passenger was kind of impatient. Actually, no, not kind of, REALLY impatient. Doesn't it cost some money to fix it or to put it back? I mean, does it act like an air bag where once it's out, it's out?

But nevertheless, you're right. Sliding down one of those things in a non-emergency does sound pretty fun.

Jemi said...

Gee ! I never even thought of this. Maybe I should try this style in my next flight back home . . . lol .

Seriously, I think he should just have waited for his turn and be patient. That was not very nice, but fun though !