The Mojave Experiment

Microsoft developed a new ad campaign for Vista. The Mojave Experiment brings in people for a focus group where they get to try the next version of Windows.

They begin by asking the people what they think of Vista -- and they all hate it. They apparently hate Vista without ever having used it.

Then they try Mojave and rave about how much better it is than Vista.

They are, of course, shocked, when the Microsoft rep let's them in on a little secret. The new Mojave operating system? Actually it's just their hated Vista.

It's interesting because it demonstrates that much of the virulence directed towards Vista is actually not related to Vista. Much of the anti-Vista bias is not based in reality, but in bad press (both in traditional and new media) and underscores the need for a company to actually respond to critics and promote accurate information about its products.

I know there are people who have had legitimate issues with Vista (like with XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95, etc). But those numbers are smaller than mass-perception might indicate.

The Mojave Experimen
t is an interesting approach to marketing and an interesting examination of the power of branding.


Unknown said...

I also read this article and was not surprised that so many had been influenced by their preconceived notion that Vista = bad. My mother has been that way. We are using Vista now since the old computer crashed and it has no more glitches than all the other programs did when they were young.

Carol said...

No clue why folks don't like Vista. I loved it from day one!

HawgWyld said...

Interesting, particularly since I assumed those of us who say they hate Vista had actually used it.

We wound up pulling that mess of an OS off my computer at work -- it wasn't compatible with a lot of programs that are necessary to the job I do.

My wife has Vista on her system and it works fine with her. She's not using any specialized, custom software, however.

Frankly, I'm not sure why there was a need to update XP. That's the first Microsoft OS that's worked well since DOS 3.1.

The Natural State Hawg

Anonymous said...

my sole complaint with vista, as with about every new Microsoft OS release, is just the sheer amount of resources it requires to do anything productive at all.

i recently bought a cheap $200 machine from tigerdirect to eventually put FreeBSD on it, and it came with vista, but it only has a 1.5ghz via processor (and a weak one at that, my 1.8ghz sempron is far more than 300mhz worth of sporty over the via) and 1GB of ram.

using vista on it is an absolute nightmare, but it's really no different than using XP on a low end machine when /it/ first came out. all the other "legitimate" complaints about vista, the same could have been said about XP. i /hated/ using XP when it first came out, and it's basically MS's most popular operating system now. i had huge troubles with it and driver support, getting software that ran just fine on Win2K to run, etc etc etc. notice a recurring theme here?

it's possible vista might end up as another windows ME, but it's also possible vista might just be the next great thing when something sufficiently evil comes out in a few years' time. :D