Movie Review 07: Hellboy II -- The Golden Army

Hellboy II: The Golden Army is a well rounded, entertaining, action film.

The execution of this moving is spot on. Guillermo Del Toro directed Hellboy and did an amazing job. The pacing is just right, with very few lulls. He staged the action sequences in creative ways and shot them in a way that is clear. I had not trouble keeping track of who is doing what.

The action sequences really are amazing in this film. The battles and bad guys are unlike others I've seen in the past, and the moves are creative. Hellboy really takes advantage of his prehensile tail. Del Toro mixes some humor in with the action but it's never over the top. The pacing within the action sequences varies as well. Del Toro knows how to build the tension, let it out in bursts, give the audience a chance to catch it breath and then ramp it up even bigger.

The movie isn't all about the action though. The plot is stong, if not earth shatteringly original. While I did anticipate the ending, the rest fo the story was filled with twists and turns that kept me pleasantly surprised. In the end, the story wraps up nicely.

The story in this movie ins't made of world changing material. But it is good fun. It's a great vehicle for Hellboy's antics without seeming contrived.

Del Toro and the writers flesh out other characters that Hellboy works with, and we get to see them in more action than the first movie. But make no mistake. This is a Hellboy movie.

If you are looking for a fun, action filmed, adventure move that harkens back to a fim making ere long passed, go see Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

And then be sure to take a look at Play Cole's interpretation of Hellboy.


Anonymous said...

ah i can't hardly wait for see this movie! mybe next week this movie will playing in my country

Anonymous said...

We decided to watch Hellboy II over the weekend instead of Batman. Good movie! We enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

I was wondering about this one...we saw Dark Knight & Mamma Mia this weekend, so could not swing Hellboy also. Thanks for a great review.

Descartes said...

Hellbog II was even better than Hellboy-and I really liked Hellboy. I thought the effects were going to be too much, but they were pretty much perfect and as you said-this movie had a plot, how weird.

Anonymous said...

Hellboy is fun for sure; plus that director has got an amazing imagination, much like his work in Pan's Labyrinth

Unknown said...

I wonder how the little ones will turn out...pitter patter pitter patter.

Will we see a #3?

Anonymous said...

i love watch movie such horror, war, or comedian, thanks for your sharing

Cromely said...

@kira: It's a kisk. I hope you enjoy it.

@rollerkaty: When I bought my ticket, the cashier said I was the first person that evening buying a ticket to something other than Dark Knight. By the time the movie started, there are 5 people in Hellboy and Dark Knight was almost sold out.

@sassy mama bear: Glad I could help. It's been a good summer for movies. I think I'll catch Mama Mia on DVD.

@descartes: They really did hit a nice balance

@patrick: I've been told I should catch Pan's Labyrinth. I'll have to add it to my list

@giving girl: I'm a little worried about the third movie. It sounds like it could almost be like the bad final season of s sitcom, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

@gadis: Glad I could help