Congratulations to Tim and Angela

2008-08-31 Boutineer
I spent Sunday at a wedding in Hurst, TX. And Monday morning I hope to fly out before Gustav start disrupting DFW traffic.

The wedding was fairly small and everyone seemed to have a good time. Or at least they managed to laugh at the jokes in my Best Man toast, which is all that really matters. And no, I didn't throw the groom under the bus. I don't quite understand why people do that.

The happy couple looked good. And happy. The little kids carrying the rings and flowers did their jobs flawlessly.

I did manage to catch the garter, if by catch, you mean "have it hit my chest and drop on to my shoes where I picked it up."

The single women there seemed just as excited by the prospect of catching the bouquet.

But tasty food, good people, a happy couple -- what more could you ask for? It was good day.

2008-08-31 Garter


Anonymous said...

Hello there, Cromely!
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Happy blogging! ;o)

Brian Kunath said...

I nearly always have a better time at a wedding than I anticipate. Which is a stressful, but often ultimately rewarding attitude to have.

I was at one this weekend. A Labor Day Wedding. A real test of friendship. Not much you can do to salvage a long weekend that has a long wedding sitting right in it's lap.

So you just roll with it. Lauri and I rolled up to Poughkeepsie, a lovely little town with some terrifying residents, to watch our friends Rob and Laura tie the knot. And whey they finished with that, they were married. (Ba-dum-cha!)

Anyway fun time was had by all. Weddings really are nice and they get me very sentimental after a complementary Champagne or two. And I look at my girlfriend and start to think that perhaps one day, I'd like to attend another special wedding. Maybe my cousin's.

So let's get some excerpts from your tastefully funny best man speech in which no one was thrown under a bus.

Bola said...

Congrats to them.Catching the garter means you're next in line.

Unknown said...

So when is your wedding you garter catching fool????
My boys are old enough now that they head out there for the garter toss when we attend a wedding, may be a few years before we have anymore of those though.
Sounds like a nice time was had and congrats to the happy couple.