Dancing Dragons

A couple weeks ago, my GF and I went out for Dim Sum at New Kowloon in Seattle's International District.

When I parked the car we heard fire crackers going off across the street. We wandered over to the wall of the Parking Garage and saw the opening ceremonies for a new restaurant -- the Wrap and Roll.

They had drummers, firecrackers, and dancing dragons. Eventually, the dragons headed inside for lunch, too.

2008-07-19 Wrap Roll Grand Opening Seattle (2)

2008-07-19 Wrap Roll Grand Opening Seattle (1)

2008-07-19 Wrap Roll Grand Opening Seattle

This is one reason I almost always have a camera with me.


Unknown said...

seems like a lot of fanfare and no one was there. unless the patrons were already inside.

Anonymous said...

hi there,

Just to let you know that it is actually called the Lion's Dance. It is a traditional thing for the Chinese to have the dance during Chinese New Year or opening a new shop. It symbolizes good luck.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Didn't know that have lion dancing in US too? I guess where there is Chinese, there will always be lion dancing :)

Jon Clarke said...

I can't believe that didn't make you eat there.

Stronys Cathalonia said...

hey can't blame them for being hungry., :D

foongpc said...

We have lion dance in Malaysia every Chinese New Year. I guess there's always lion dance in Chinese communities even in Seattle!

Unknown said...

I was in a restaurant having lunch during Chinese New Year (in London) once when the lion dancing troupe came bustling. Needless to say, everyone's attention wasn't on the food for the next 15min or so.

Out came my camera as my dim sum were abandoned. :)

Anonymous said...

good thing we have cuddly dragons who eat cooked food. hehehe.. nice blog you have here. God bless!

Cromely said...

@kelly: I wonder if it was more about the owners and celebrating the establishment than it was about drawing a crowd of customers. Or it could just be bad planning.

@myi4u:Thanks. That's good to know. We see them from time to time in the International District. I never knew they were lions. Actually I never thought of lions as Asian animals.

@bk and foonpc: It happens a bit in Seattle. It's interesting to see what happens in the International District because it is not strictly a China-Town. It's become more pan-Asian and we are likley to see more of a blending of cultures.

@jon clarke: That would involve crossing the street and it was early. Besides, those lions probably took all the seats.

@stony cathalonia: I'd imagine they were. They worked up a bit of an appetite.

@c.k.: That happened to us once at another Dim Sum restaurant in Seattle. It's one of the reasons I started carrying my camera everywhere I went.

@jay-o: I guess they're vegetarian. Thanks.