Rip, Mix, Toast? The iPod meets the Toaster Oven

My GF was shopping for a toaster oven on Amazon today. I don't quite understand the concept of the toaster oven. I have a toaster. I have an oven. Do I need a toaster oven? And why can't I just microwave stuff?

But I may be missing the point.

Regardless, Amazon offers a variety of them. Here is the Hamilton Beach Toaststation:


It has actual toast slots in it.

One of the neat things about Amazon is that they recommend -- and offer discounts on -- related products. Usually the recommendations are spot on.

So what's a good product to recommend to the toaster over customer?

An oven mitt?
An extension cord?

How about an iPod?


That's right. You can accessorize your $35 toaster oven with a $250 iPod. Who could possibly resist?

But this offer only applies to the black Toaststation. The same thing is available in red.


Perhaps if there was a red iPod they might offer that. But sadly, the red Toaststation does not merit a fancy accessory. It just gets a a coffee maker.


Until Amazon changes the recommendations, you can see them here.


Anonymous said...

How funny! Yeah I want to spend an extra $250 on an I-pod.

Think I'll order the red one. A coffee maker is more my speed.


Anonymous said...


I've got to admit, they do come up with some funny recomendations...


Anonymous said...

Amazon is just ahead of the curve, one day everything will be paired with an iPod.

Anonymous said...

Darn! You told of how you don't need a toaster oven and mine died today. Did you cause this? Did you jinx my toaster oven??? Just kidding. It really did die though. No more toast for me.

Anonymous said...

Guess the iPOD classic is not available in Red. Karen - sorry to hear your toaster oven is....TOAST!

Cromely said...

@margaret: Mine too.

@sjpo: I've seen a number of odd things there.

@beau71: Digital toast is interesting, but I'm not so sure about the compression or DRM.

@karen: I'm trying to use those powers for only good, but, well, you know...