Seattle Nightlife

It should surprise no one at this point to know Seattle is proud of its presence at the intersection of coffee and technology.

Saturday night I spent about 4 hours at the Bauhaus, an awesome, local coffee shop on Capitol Hill. I was working on some projects for work. Sometimes I just have to get out of the apartment to do it.

So I'm sitting there working in PowerPoint on a Saturday night. Exciting times, right? It keeps me out of trouble I guess.

Eventually I need to stretch my neck. I look up from my screen at about 10:15 PM on Saturday night and take a quick scan of my fellow patrons at this ultra-hip (I don't know why they let me in the door) night spot.

There are 11 tables in this part of the coffee shop. People are using laptops at 8 of them. Of the 3 tables that don't have computers, 2 have couples at them. Of the 2 with couples at them, at only 1 table is the couple talking to one another.

I guess that's why I live here.

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