Disney's influence on Vegas

On a recent episode of Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place (Shut up -- Hannah went into reruns) oldest son Justin dates and become a werewolf and youngest son Max starts a dog walking business.

Why does he start this business? So he can afford his next business venture -- the cup on a chain. He is convinced that the cup on a chain is an awesome idea. You won't lose your cup, and can always have a drink ready. Plus it lets you have spitting contests with your thoroughly repulsed sister.

And he succeeds in getting his cup on a chain.

I can see the appeal. It's like a car cup holder for a kid. But now I'm wondering if Disney patented the invention because this weekend, they were all over Vegas.

Folks are all over the south end of the strip with the three foot long alcoholic beverages hanging from a chain around their necks. I thought about trying to get a better picture or asking one of them to pose and model, but given the volume of alcohol, I figured one of two things would happen.

Either I would have a loud, gregarious friend for the rest of the night that I couldn't get rid of, or I would encounter someone angry that I called attention to their cup on a chain and would suspect me of mocking them or trying to steal their cup on a chain (a process complicated by the fact that it's chained to a person). And I had no interest in either of those options. Stealthily taking pictures from the distance seemed to be the best, albeit creepiest, option.

So now you know -- if you want to get out in front of the latest Vegas trends for getting your drink on -- watch the Disney Channel. Because nothing will drive you to drink quite like unlimited reruns of Disney tween-targeted sitcoms.

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Anonymous said...

That's really funny. But at the same time it makes me mad because I wish I had thought of it first. What a genius idea! I could be a millionaire right now...