Shatner-Palooza: George Takei and Raw

This, like much of Shatner,is both hilarious and appalling. It would be one thing if Shatner and Takei were actually friends, but everything I've read indicates that they really don't like each other.

So why hasn't Takei appear on Shater's Raw Nerve? Here's Shatner's take on it.


Karen Henry said...

"Hilarious and appalling" pretty well sums this up. I've been a Star Trek fan since around 1974, but I can't stand to watch Shatner in recent years. Yes, he's had some success recently, but even before that, he seemed incapable of simply being gracious and appreciative of the work of the other ST cast members (except for Leonard Nimoy, of course). Most of them really DON'T like him, and I don't blame them. What an egomaniac!

Karen Henry (Raleigh, NC)

Jackie said...

Oh i can't even stand to watch the clip. many moons ago I would watch Shatner but he makes me ill now.

There's just something that's not quite right about the guy. He's creepy!

Jo Hoffacker said...

OMG, no way would I appear on his show after that!

Anonymous said...

He's just kind of, well, a jack ass. He's mad at George Takei for not inviting him to his wedding. Remember that whole ordeal? I think he's got deeper issues and seriously needs some counseling.

Jon Clarke said...

George Takei has LESS celebrity than Scott Baio?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how appalling it was, but it sure was hilarious. Why? Shatner is just full of himself and comes across as the jerk he is in that clip.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Shatner, he is so full of his bloated self.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. This has been going on since the show was on the air. Word is the only ones who liked (tolerated) Shatner were Nimoy and DeForest Kelley.

Jimmy Doohan hated his guts.

Cromely said...

@Karen Henry: Sometimes he seems completely oblivious to it; others it seems like he just wants to poke things with a stick.

@Shinade: I can see that, but I just can't turn away. Over the pat 3 years I've down about 56 Shatner related posts.

@Jo Hoffacker: I don't know what Takei will do. The thing is, he seems to have an ego as big as Shatner's and he can take a joke. But the resentment towards Shatner that has popped up in the media and in his memoir "To The Stars" would make it a fascinating TV event. I would love to see it live. On a taped show Shatner can edit, though, I think it would lose something. Takei and Paton Oswald were the only funny ones on the Shatner Comedy Central roast.

@Jon Clarke: Well, sure. Afterall, Charles was in Charge. It took 25 years for Sulu to become a Captain. With tea.

@The Hawg: If he talked about Nimoy that way it would be funny. But there's that strong element of bad blood between Takei and Shatner that keeps the appalling level too high.

@spicybugz: Sometimes it seems like he's just William Shatner playing "William Shatner"

@Daryl Campbell: Deforest was probably the most easy going guy on the set. He already had a long career and would be okay without Star Trek. He just wanted to get back to his ranch at night with little drama.