John Wayne Airport modernizes to 1998 levels

At the Irvine Airport, there are two extension cords. One runs from the one outlet to the runway lights. The other goes to the tower. If a passenger trips over one they have to close the airport.

That's also the real reason the airport closes at night. They don't have the curfew because of noise. It's because that's when TSA guy Frankie gets off and he takes his extension cord home for his Xbox.

Okay, maybe it's not quite that bad, but the lack of outlets at that airports has been a shockingly big problem.

Last year, I remember sitting on the floor near the flight insurance vending machine at the Orange County (AKA John Wayne, AKA Santa Anna, AKA SNA) airport with 3 other business travelers. We were taking turns using the only available outlet in the airport.

With all the global technology companies operating in the Irvine area, you would think "electricity" would not be a foreign concept to the airport authorities. But you would be wrong. It's almost as rare as it was in 1783.

So imagine my surprise when I say this on a recent trip.

2009-01-19 AC Outlets SNA  (2)
2009-01-19 AC Outlets SNA

Thank you, SNA, for taking this important step towards becoming a modern airport. Now can we talk about free Wi-Fi?

With a little luck, you could be as technologically useful as Long Beach (LGB)


storybeader said...

that's where you want to be stuck in a snowstorm... let me see... a earthquake? Well, maybe not... lol

Anonymous said...

Ain't it the truth! I imagine we would see more if the airlines could meter the outlets and charge us for using them - $15 for the first outlet and $25 for the second maybe?

Metallman said...

Hey there. Oh man, that is hilarious. I'm in the Long Beach area and I usually fly out of the Long Beach airport. I've passed by John Wayne but never been there before. I didn't know it was that bad. lmao And I know people that work there too.

Cromely said...

@storybeader: So far the only airport related issue that delayed me there has been night. Apparently its a major disaster for SNA and if your plane is too late they just bus you up to LAX.

@Dan Brantley: There are a bunch of airports that do that now. At both SEA and DFW they have kiosks where you can pay to recharge your cell phone or laptop. They do provide appropriate connections though. Plus there are plenty of places to scrounge power for free. Of course some of those outlets at DFW look like they were put in by Edison himself.

@Metallman: If you can work by candle or sunlight, SNA is a great airport to fly through. Especially if most of what you read are old-fashioned analogue books. I do like LGB, too, and BUR. There aren't that many airports in the US anymore where you walk out to the 737. Sometimes you can even use the back door to the plane which is way more exciting to me than it should be.