Sushi Video

This is a compelling and simple video from Japan.

Sushi restaurants often have conveyors that take sushi on a trip around the restaurant. When a customer sees something they want, they just take a plate. What happens if you put a video camera on the belt?

You get to see a great collection of people enjoying dinner with varying degrees of sobriety.


Anonymous said...

Kind of a "fish-eye" view. Or maybe "what the bait sees."

Veronica Lee said...

That was some perspective! Thanks for sharing.

Thomas Hammerlund said...

These are all over the place and are great. It can be one of the cheapest meals you can get here.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised nobody actually touched the camera, or even attempted to. That's really amazing to see things from another point of view. Thanks!!

Pu Niao

Henson Ray said...

Funny...I wonder what would happen if they put a video camera on a conveyor belt at the airports...maybe we'd actually find out what happens to all that missing or damaged luggage.

storybeader said...

I was wondering who was making all the noise? It was the cooks!

Anonymous said...

That was really cool! And it made me really hungry...

Cromely said...

@Dan Brantley: No one ever asks the fish what they think.

@Veronica Lee: Your welcome. I saw it on Twitter and was amazed at how interested I was in it.

@sixmats: I'll check it out if I ever get over there. I think we have some conveyor places in Seattle, but I imagine it's not quite as good a deal.

@PuNiao: I'm pretty amazed at that too. The camera might survive in Seattle. I grew up in NYC though, and there it would have disappeared faster than 2 for 1 Yellowtail.

@Henson Ray: Hmm. I suppose you could rig something with a computer and a 3G card that would give great images until the handlers stole or or TSA blew it up.

@Story Beader: Guys that accomplished with knives can make as much noise as they like.

@Sadie: Now I want some eel.