AT&T's Phone Booth 2000

At some point, AT&T had a vision. They presumably looked forward to the year 2000, and considered what a public phone booth might look like. I am assuming they put these in 10 years ago in the Columbus, OH , airport.

It seems like a great idea. Though now I'm not sure if it's futuristic or retro. Regardless, there are several of these Public Phone 2000 installations in the B terminal.

They provide a tiny bit of privacy in the bustling airport.

The seats are slightly off balance, but they are a place to get a little bit of work done. Fortunately, the airport has free Wi-Fi, because I'm not sure that the telephone system of the future -- the telephone system of that grand year 2000 -- is really going to be all that effective.

Here it is.

Public Phone 2000 takes us back to that innovative era that gave us -- THE TABLE. Thrilling, isn't it?

I imagine this was a really cool display at some point, but whatever technology they had became obsolete. Still, it's great that these spaces are available and that the electrical outlet actually works. I'm glad they didn't rip them out.

But they might want to update that advertising.


storybeader said...

At least you can put your coffee down. And recharge!

mcangeli said...

It looks like a really good space to work. private, out of the way and power.... what more do you need?

Perky said...

No no, nothing's wrong with the advertising. Maybe AT&T came up with a new phone booth technology called "The Invisible Phone" ;)