Before I set out to take pictures at Louisa Boren Park, I took a few moments to make sure I had all my gear, and that it was working properly. Normally, this means shooting random things in my apartment. But the sun was out, so I decided to step outside and scare the neighbors with my telephoto lens.

I stumbled upon just the right lighting to get some nice images of the cityscape reflected in the glass towers of downtown Seattle. Looking at the city by reflection is a little different than what I've come to expect playing Super Paper Mario on the Wii, but is still a nice way to examine my surroundings.

There are a couple pictures in this post. You can see the full set on Flickr.

And there are no scared neighbor pictures.

2009-02-16 Builiding Reflections in Seattle

2009-02-16 Builiding Reflections in Seattle (3)

2009-02-16 Building Reflections in Seattle (9)


nipsy said...

Love the shots.. but why no scared neighbor pics...those are the best...lol

Unknown said...

Very nicely done.
I love the reflections that you captured in your first photo shot.

I am sure there were a few neighbors that thought "PEEPER" when they saw you step out with a camera:)

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world!