Pandemic II

Deadly world wide diseases are rarely fun. Then again, they are rarely Flash games.

I know this game has been bouncing around the internet for a while, but somehow I've missed it (probably too busy looking at LOL cats).

In Pandemic II, you are a disease creator. You start by choosing whether you want to create a virus, bacterium, or parasite. The game chooses the part of the world your disease starts.

As the game progresses, the disease moves from one region to another if you play right. People can get infected at borders, airports, or seaports. As the disease grows, governments begin shutting down points of entry and using other techniques to minimize the spread of the disease.

You gain evolution points through the game that you can spend to improve your disease's infectiousness, lethality, resistance, and visibility.

You want the disease to spread faster than governments can react, infect as many people as possible, and ultimately bring them to death.

The goal of the game is to wipe out the human race.

As you approach the end game, it starts to get a bit disturbing. The game updates pop up with things like, "No signs of life in Peru" or "No one left alive in Canada" and things like that. Sure, it's just a silly Flash game, and worth playing, but it's sobering nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

OK, so this is a pretty cool little game... rather intriguing...

Anonymous said...

Sound like a pretty cool game.
Maybe will have a try.
See you around.

Anonymous said...

My 17 year old got totally engrossed in this last year and it -was- disturbing to listen to him and his 15 year old brother discussing wiping out entire continents so casually. I suppose one way to see it is to realize that they learned a lot about how diseases spread...

Anonymous said...

I've spent a fair few hours passing the time with that game :)

Anonymous said...

A fellow at my office was addicted to this for a week or two. Shame on you for promoting it ;)

Actually, that's a gruesome -- yet fun -- game...

Anonymous said...

oh now see what you've done!!!

I had my presentation for my viral contagion course all done and now I have to redo the whole thing.... it's all your fault!

Cromely said...

@mcangeli: Intriguing is a good way to put it.

@lunaticg: Good luck destroying the world.

@Chameleon: It's interesting that it operates on those different levels.

@Wiggy: Hours well spent, of course.

@The Hawg: Just doing my part to promote flash game relapse.

@flit: I'll take the blame. The next government productivity report will show a dip. I'll take full responsibility. I guess introducing a game like this is the double whammy for killing homework. Good luck with your presentation. Let me know if i need to write a note for your Prof.