Cheese and carpet

During dinner tonight, the GF and I sat down to watch Friends episodes on DVD. "The One where Ross Dates a Student" came on.

In that episode, a fire destroys Rachael and Phoebe's apartment and Rachael moves in with Joey. During dinner, she drops a forkful of spaghetti on the carpet. She starts to panic about the stain, but Joey says, "Relax, you're at Joey's" and then he proceeds to drop some on the floor as well.

I turned to the GF and said, "That reminds me -- I have to get some cheese off the carpet on my stairs."

She nearly choked on her pork.

Now I remember why she prefers her apartment.

And why I'm supposed to use a napkin.


Perky said...

Leave the cheese on the carpet. If there's no food in your apartment, at least u'll know where to find your last resort ;)

brokenteepee said...

Are you part goat?

Cromely said...

@Perky: That's what the gum under the desk is for.

@Pricilla: I have been accused of that...

@kasandria: Thanks.