Star Trek: Nemesis -- An audio commentary

The new Star Trek movie is opening to rave reviews this weekend. (You can see Wil Wheaton's comments here.)

It's a fresh start after nearly 7 years without any Star Trek in the theater. Why has it taken so long? And why don't we hear about any more Next Generation movies?

Because the last movie killed the franchise. Star Trek: Nemesis ensured most of us never wanted to see another movie with that crew. Nemesis almost drove the entire franchise into the ground. Nemesis was responsible for the invasion of Iraq and the worst excesses of the Bush administration.

It was a bad movie.

In the latest Play Cole Podcast, the crew takes a look at what went wrong with this movie. We watch the movie while director Stuart Baird tries to explain in his audio commentary just what he was thinking as he foisted this tripe on the theater goers and defiled Gene Rodenberry's grave.

The movie appears to be cobbled together by a committee of college interns sitting around a whiteboard and trying to explore the concept of duality by pairing and contrasting as many character and concepts as possible with their own doppelgangers.

Beyond that, the movie is also a great example of how not to handle exposition in a movie.

But don't worry about being bored. The podcast is much more entertaining than the movie.

Stream it from here or download it from here.

Some content may be NSFW.

For the full Play Cole experience, listen to the podcast while you watch the movie and listen to the director's commentary.


Mr. New Dilemma said...

Wow, I totally disagree with your diatribe! I liked Nemesis, not loved, but liked. Now I can never trust you again. (LOL)

Dwacon said...

Blame the movie... or Rick Berman and Brannon Braga?

Cromely said...

@Mr. New Dilema: Without your blind trust, my plan for world domination is doomed to failure. I might have enjoyed the movie somewhat if I saw it in the theater. I'm sure some of the eyecandy would have left me with more of a way factor. But the story, directing, and script just had too many problems for me. I was a little disappointed to see Brent Spiner get a credit on is.

@Dwacon: There is so much blame to go around. One person didn't kill this film.