Movie Review 09: Star Trek

A reboot of the franchise? I had my doubts. Why not just field a new ship in the universe we love?

Sylar as Spock? I had my doubts. Zachery Quinto's big break came playing a character driven entirely by id.

A Star Trek designed to appeal to everyone? I had my doubts. Can you really do a wide appeal movie without alienating the Trekkers?

I needn't have doubted.

The Star Trek movie is awesome.

The movie opens with the best 5 minutes I've seen in cinema in years. The opening sequence tell a story itself and sets a tone that lasts throughout the movie while exemplifying the best of the Federation.

The use of music, audio effects, and silence is spot on.

This movie is filled with great moments that call to mind lines, feelings, and relationships long time fans will appreciate without alienating new fans (they may just wonder what people are chuckling about).

Because it is filled with surprises, I don't want to go into much detail. I will just say that every major character has an important role to play in this movie -- they all contribute to the eventual resolution.

The plot is good, though it does take a little work to wrap your head around it. They do a good job of explaining the reboot. The movie is well paced.

The role of the Enterprise is also different than in much of the show and other movies. Often the ship becomes a person. That doesn't quite happen here. Instead, the Enterrpise is a tool that is effectively used and manipulated by the crew. And it shoots.

Much of the time in the rest of the Star Trek editions, the Enterprise fires a few torpedoes or phasers, but it's pretty static. The ship itself may be a valued part of the crew, as a vessel, it's rarely more than a very cool, glorified bus. Here, it is definitely a warship with awesome fly-bys, great tactical maneuvers, and a full spread of weaponry, worthy of being a the Flagship of the fleet.

In Star Trek: The Motions Picture (the terrible first movie) they had a lengthy 5+ Minute sequence where they are flew around the Enterprise while they introduced it to the audience. The dramtic unveil turned into a tedious strecth of film. In the DVD, they added even more footage to that sequence, I guess to help you sleep through the rest of the film.

In this new movie, they also do a cruise around the Enterprise to introduce it. But it takes maybe 30 seconds. In that half minute, though, they highlight the grandeur of the ship. It looks cool. It looks powerful. It looks impressive. And it looks like the vessel we all want to serve on. It's an important element of the film, whereas in the first movie it was a drag.

Watch this movie. It's worth it.

And Sulu gets to use a sword.


Auntie E said...

I'm so A Trekkie.. Saw the Movie Last night. My feeling is there are some good movies out there, but Star Trek Movies sill is the greatest Scfi shows of all times. Loved it so much! I am ready to go again with my Dad, A true Trekkie:-)

HM Mills said...

I saw the movie last night. One word. Awesome!

Momstart said...

I had to stop reading just in case you had a spoiler, but once you got to the movie was awesome I was so excited. I haven't doubted but my husband is doubting, esp when he told me last night they are calling it a reboot

Doug Kueffler said...

You got me with "Sulu gets to use a sword."
Great Review!

Cromely said...

@Auntie E and @Bling it: It really was. We're thinking about going again. The last time a saw a movie in the theater a second time was Interview With the Vampire.

@Momstart: I understand your trepidation. You'll live it. I try to keep things spoiler free, or at least warn before hand.

@Doug Kueffler: Thanks. I appreciate it.