The facts were these: The Piemaker touched Pushing Daisies

And we get three hours, instead of 60 seconds.

The awesome, canceled ABC show "Pushing Daisies" is coming back for three final episodes. According to Pazsaz Entertainment, we get to spend a little more time with Ned, Chuck, Olive, and Emerson on:

2009-05-30: Water and Power
2009-06-06: Window Dressed to Kill
2009-06-13: Kerplunk

The official Pushing Daisies website confirms that we have three more episodes to look forward to.

Hopefully they will wrap up the show nicely. It was too good go out with no dignity.


Frye said...

My girlfriend will be excited about that!

Patricia Rockwell said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Maybe if enough of us watch these episodes they will consider not pulling the daisy plug at all!

Margie and Edna said...

That is great news, thank you!

Sadie said...

I was SO upset when they cancelled this show. It was good! :(

Cromely said...

@Frye: I guess you know what your doing those evenings now.

@Patricia Rockwell: Would that it were true. I think it's likely to be gone for good after this. At least they have the opportunity to close out the season right. The Norwegians was not how I'd like to see things end.

@Margie and Edna: Your welcome. It was some innovative TV

@Sadie: Me too. The colors, pacing and feel of the show were so creative. It's a shame to see it go in favor of another dating show or some silly thing.

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Mystery Man said...

seems like ABC has cancelled anything that has had the slightest bit of trouble. I loved this show and am glad that it get to end with dignity.

I can hope that they'll bring it back, but I doubt it'll happen. They have such quality programs to air such as Wipeout