Packaging fun -- Coffee Pocky

A couple weeks ago, The GF picked up a snack for me at Uwajimaya, the local Asian supermarket.  The snack was coffee-flavored Pocky Sticks.  They tasted sort of like a solid version of the Starbucks Frappacinos you see in bottles at the grocery store.  So basically like coffee scented milk.

The real fun began when looked at the packaging.  It seemed to be telling a story:

Naturally, this appeals to me. It involves coffee.  It involves snacks.  It involves a puzzle. And it involves a garden.

I have no ideal what the characters above the pot say so I am left to guess.

Pots A, B, and C appear identical, and they get an identical amount of water.  Yet they sprout different sizes and quantities of flowers.

Is this a metaphor for life?  The idea that strange things can happen?

Is this an indictment of science that says even when the inputs are identical, you still can get different results?

Is this a lesson in Quantum physics that says even when the inputs are identical you still can get different results?

Is this a mini-Forrest Gump where the pots represent the chocalates in the box, and "You never know what your gonna get?"

Is it a diagram of the Pocky production process?

Is it a subliminal message from the floral industry telling me I need to buy flowers for some reason?

Is it a reminder to start work on my garden now?

My mind boggles at the possibilities.  And I am now spending way too much time contemplating Pocky.

Contemplate Pocky
So crunchy, sweet, and floral
I still need coffee

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The GF said...

Nice haiku!