I'm sitting in my chair, drinking the last of the Thanksgiving wine.  It's a Viognier from the Mt Baker Vineyards. It has a nice citrus flavor with little after taste. I like it.

But I know nothing about wine.

It's one of those areas I'd like to know more about.  I should know more about it.  But I don't think that's going to happen.  I suppose I just don't have the passion required for it.

Generally, I drink only Washington state wines.  My thinking is that there is no way I can learn "the wine world" but if I know one little corner of it really well, that's all I need.  There are two problems with this theory.

1) I don't know this one little corner really well.

2) It's not such a little corner.

So instead of arguing about which year produced the best Pinot Noir from the Walla Walla valley, I'll content myself with arguing about which is cooler -- the Death Star Playset or the Landspeeder.

Enophile may not yet make it into my profile. I'll continue to order Washington wines with confidence even though I have no idea what I'm doing.  As long as I stay away from Boone's I can't do too much damage.

And isn't that what most people do, anyway?

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