Are we out of American Musicians? -- Bonus Post

Of course I love the music of Bono, Paul McCartney, and the Rolling Stones. There are few performers today who can even come close. Be are we totally bereft of domestic talent?

The Superbowl is the most American of all holidays. What other nation can so deftly combine violence, gluttony, and excessive consumerism in one afternoon? Throw in the random sexuality and juvenile humor in the commercials and you really have something that the USA can be proud of. Europe can't even come close with it's little World Cup.

But the Superbowl was in Detroit this year, and in order to find good musical talent in the home of Motown, we had to go to the UK? To the Rolling Stones? I have nothing against the Stones, but come on. Why didn't we take this opportunity to celebrate everything Motown has given the country? This music changed the face of American Pop more than the Stones ever could. And Motown is relegated to pregame opening act? That's ridiculous.

So once we get to the halftime show, the one people might actually watch, what do the Stones give us first? The Microsoft song. Then another one. And then they wrap up with a song that was just covered by Britney Spears.

Last year's show was Paul McCartney. Granted, the previous Americans to do the Superbowl (Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Kid Rock, P Diddy, and Nelly) didn't exactly do us proud. They created her own ridiculousness with the event that graced our language with the term "wardrobe malfunction". I'm sorry, but I don't buy the "malfunction" part. Why wear jewelry like that if you don't expect people to see it.

But is a Knight for the British empire really the best choice to make up for that?

I began wondering about this trend during the 2002 Superbowl. The one where in half time, they chose to memorialize the victims of 9-11. It was a well done show, appropriate and touching, but for the patriotic celebration, where did they go? To an citizen of Ireland. Now, I am a U2 fan, and Bono has done some incredible things and made some utterly amazing music. And my own Irish blood jumps with his success. But isn't there a disconnect here?

Is it so hard to find talented US citizens to perform? Or at least people who are pursuing US citizenship?

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