The most important thing in LA today

KCBS.com :
"Britney Spears Defends Driving With Her Son on Her Lap
Source: Associated
Publication date: 2006-02-07

LOS ANGELES--Blame it on love
and the paparazzi.
That's Britney Spears' explanation for why she was
driving with her infant son on her lap rather than in his car seat. "

Sigh. I don't know where to start.

Well, the X17 photography agency apparently owns pictures of Britney Spears driving with her relatively new infant on her lap. Between her and the steering wheel. No car seat.

I'll let the stupidity of that settle for a moment.

Ok. Britney claims she did it to get away from paparazzi that were stalking her. The photo agency claims the pictures were taken in a peaceful manner, and that they speak for themselves. Whatever.

I'm in SoCal today. There is a significant brush fire that I can see from my hotel room. It has closed a local highway. Since it's the nature of the freeways here, I'm sure there were some major wrecks today somewhere in LA area. This morning was a major memorial for Coretta Scott King. Also, stuff happened throughout the state of CA today. There must have been news in LA besides this.

But KCBS chose the Britney story as the lead.

The lead.

They teased it and then began the newscast with it. They felt this was the most important story of the day.

  • They looked at the pictures.
  • The talked to her neighbors.
  • They included some shots of the SBUX Britney was leaving.
  • They showed a police car leaving Britney's Malibu estate after investigating complaints resulting from the pictures.
  • They talked to an "expert" who explained that unrestrained children can become missiles in even a low speed collisions.

To wrap up the segment, they found an SUV and the reporter sat in the driver's seat. They shot the scene from the passenger door. The reporter explained the images again, that Britney had the baby on her lap between her and the (bang it for effect) hard steering wheel.

The she looked into the camera.

For the big wrap up.

And explained....

That if police can prove the SUV was moving at the time, Britney can be cited..

For a traffic violation.

This was the most important story in CA today according to the local news.

I love California.

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Jon Clarke said...

"unrestrained children can become missiles in even a low speed collisions."

My quote of the day.