Sometimes the joke walks right past you

My girlfriend and I were sitting in Starbucks today when she noticed a man walk by the window carrying 2 dozen eggs.

While I doubt I would get an answer, I wanted to ask him, "Why are you carrying 2 dozen eggs?"

A1: Because they're too young to walk.

A2: Because I would look silly juggling them down the street.

A3: I'd roll them, but this isn't the Whitehouse Lawn.

A4: Have you ever tried pulling them?

A5: Because I couldn't carry three dozen.

A6: I lost a bet.

A7: I won a bet.

A8: I accidentally killed the chicken.

A9: You should see the other guy.

A10: What eggs?

A11: I always wanted to be named Benedict.

A12: I'm part of a support group for those who haven't come out of their shell.

A13: Because you're not supposed to put them all in one basket.

A14: My pockets are full of bacon.

A15: Because if I didn't, that would mean the terrorists have won.

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