Calling New York area cat lovers...

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I have two cats I am trying to find homes for.

Chase is the white cat. He is the friendliest cat I've ever met. He immediately gets know strangers and seeks out affection. Sit down in the same room and he will come right up next to you.
Layla is the other cat. She is also friendly, but in a more traditional cat-like manor. She gets along well with people without always being underfoot.

The cats have been been holding down the fort in an unoccupied house for nearly a year. Prior to that, they shared the house with a dog, a bird, some other pets and a human. It's a long story.

Amazingly, despite being on their own most fo the time, they have maintained strict litter box discipline.

The house, however, is being sold, and we need to find a new home for these two wonderful cats. I considered taking one myself, but my apartment, combined with my heavy travel schedule is not a pet friendly environment. Plus, it didn't seem fair to subject the cat to the cross country airplane flight.

I would like to find a home for one or both of these pets before we have to take them to shelter. If you, or someone you know would like to provide a good home for these cats, please contact me.

Here is some more information my mother provided:

The white cat, Chase, has green eyes and a pink nose. He is very affectionate and not afraid of strangers. Layla, the other cat is not as affectionate, but still very friendly, and also is not afraid of strangers. They are not skittish. They were raised in a house with dogs and have been together for almost two years. They have both been neutered and had shots, but I have no records on that. They are between two and three years of age. I cannot say whether or not they are good with children, as I don't think they were ever exposed to them. They get along with each other very well, mutually washing each other and sleeping together.

I don't want this to sound like an NPR fund raiser, but if you can help, please let me know.

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Jon Clarke said...

I've told you before. those cats want to go home with YOU.