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Inflating a resume a crime? It might be under new bill

It may soon be illegal to lie on a resume about degrees. It seems the Washington legislature is about to make it against the law for people to claim to have a degree the don't have, or to claim a degree from an unaccredited University without disclosing that it is unaccredited.

I'm torn about this. Naturally, it is not a good idea to falsify a degree. If someone finds out, it can be career suicide. People have been fired years down the road for lying during the application process.

But do we really need legislation that addresses this issue? Is it so wide spread that the state needs to be fining people?

Perhaps there is a middle ground. While I'm not sure the state should be fining people over this, it is clearly fraudulent. Employers who hire people, and then learn they falsified the credential should probably sue for fraud. I supposed if someone claimed to graduate from an institution, when in fact they didn't, perhaps the school can sue for libel.

If we are going to put legal restrictions on employees requiring them to represent themselves accurately, should similar requirements be placed on employers? Should they be allowed to change the nature of the job after offering it to the employee? If not, how long should they be required to maintain the original position?

If folks are simply honest in the interview and application process, we can see better employment matches all around.

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