Elementary, my Dear Herald

The mystery is solved.

The Everett Herald reported yesterday that the woman in the Boeing mural is actually German Model Regina Burton.

Photographer Johanna Pagels snapped her picture, creating the image that now
adorns a huge door on the front of the Boeing Co.'s massive Everett factory.

It started out, Pagels said, as part of an ad for a cookie company. "Yes," she said by e-mail, "these healthy cookies are supposed to make you feel so light and free you can almost fly."

Now it's part of the world's largest digital graphic, stretching across the six doors of the Boeing jet-assembly building, which itself is the largest building in the world by

Pagels said she was "delighted."

"I would love to see it (for) real," she wrote. "My biggest open-air exhibition!"

Burton has had an extensive modeling career in Europe. For more information, you can visit her website at www.regina-burton.de


Jon Clarke said...

I was hoping it was the German model from the overstock.com ads.

Nice cans, though.

Cromely said...

The Overstock lady?! Oooh. She's creepy. Not nearly as creepy as The Burger King, but still...

And I'm not sure why.

But here's her fan page