Mmmm. Chilito.....

Most people have their favorite fast food place. For me, it's Taco Bell.

I first discovered Taco Bell in Helena, MT. I wrote some of my first Loony Tunes checks at that Taco Bell. The menu was divided into several categories, basically, 49¢, 69¢, and 89¢ as I recall. I generally ate from the middle section.

Taco Bell did not deliver to the Carroll campus, however, which is why I never declared bankruptcy.

I was even a quasi-regular customer of the short-lived Taco Bell breakfast menu in 1994.

The best item they ever had on the menu, however, was the Chilito. You young kids today may know it as the "Chili Cheese Burrito". It's a great combination of cheese and meat that you can just suck out of the burrito shell, and still have it hold together with melted cheese. It's got just enough spice to give it heat without killing the flavor. And it's just the right size for eating while driving.

Apparently, however, it's too complicated to make. The burrito, the chili, the cheese -- it's too much. Now, Taco Bell only offers it in certain locations. They've added KFC menu items to a bunch of Taco Bells -- you can now get fried chicken and mashed potatoes with your Gordita -- but you can't get Chilitos.

You have to go to special Taco Bells to get the Chilito. I am not alone in this quest, however. To bring the Chilito back to wide distribution, someone established a site to spread the word. You can even find which Taco Bells still sell the Chilito. For more information, visit ChiliCheese.org.

Write your congressional representatives. Bring Back the Chilito.

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Jon Clarke said...

Think we'll find a chilito in Vegas> Cause I will eat one if we can.