Sometimes the Dorkiest Things Become Cool

Have you seen the kids on the street with the wheels in their shoes? All of a sudden they're everywhere.

I remember when something similar popped up a couple years ago. They were roller skates built into shoes. I believe the retracted in a non skating environment. They never really caught on. Because there was no way they could possibly be cool.

You know how I know that? Because something like this seemed like a good idea to me.

But now the "Heely's" are suddenly all over the place. When did they suddenly become cool? On April 7 of this year. That's when I started seeing the all these 8-13 year olds all over Vegas wearing them and wheeling up and down the Strip.

Now, we know these were the cool little kids because they were in Vegas.

But now they are popping up in Seattle and in the airports. Kids with these wheels embedded in their shoes sort of slide or skate around.

Pretty soon these kids will be knocking you down all over town.

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