Sounds like someone missed their Starbucks

Some airports don't have any ATC (such as a small one outside Boise where a friend used to fly private planes). But SEA?


Sea-Tac control tower silent for 25 minutes

SEATAC, Wash. -- For 25 minutes in the wee hours of April 11, the control tower at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport did not respond to airplane traffic.

"There were two planes affected - one trying to take off and one trying to come in," airport spokesman Bob Parker said Monday.

The unexplained silence, which started about 3 a.m. that day, ended when a Port of Seattle staff member drove to the guard shack at the base of the control tower.

At the time, only one controller was required to be in the glassed-in part of the tower, KING reported. Starting the next day - in a change that the FAA said was already in the works - two controllers were required to be there.

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