FAA Unintentionally Banned JFK Flight

Apparently, it can cost $30,000 to de-ice a 747. Plus fuel. And on March 16, planes went through multiple de-icings because of FAA policy.

JFK made the news again with the storms on 2007-03-16. Airlines cancelled flights. Passengers had to spend hours of days in airports. And others sat on the tarmac for hours on end.

This storm was different, though. Planes were allowed to fly, but had to take off within 25 minutes of being de-iced. The problem was that a plane can't de-ice and reach takeoff position in 25 minutes at JFK and and other highly congested airports.

The FAA says they have to have this restriction in place. The airlines point out it is based on what they claim is a flawed study.

This article goes into greater detail on the subject.

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