The woman I regularly travel with is not happy with me tonight. NLL doesn't think I listen to her.

While we were driving to the LAX Hilton tonight, she told me to take an exit. Unfortunately, she didn't tell me until it was too late to merge into that lane so I had to skip the exit.

I could hear the huffiness in her voice as she scolded me, "Calculating Route. Prepare to exit on the right in 2.2 miles."

Then she led me on a tour of the sketchiest neighborhoods around LAX. The she teamed up with the Taurus to put more of a scare into me. The Taurus starts yelling "Beep Beep Beep". (The Taurus doesn't communicate quite as well at my NLL). The Low Fuel Warning light flared up. But I had 30 miles more I could go on the the tank, and NLL was promising me we were just 12 miles from my destination. I forged ahead.

Eventually, NLL took me to my hotel. I put her to sleep for the night and headed up to my room. Next time, I promise I'll listen more closely to my NeverLost Lady.

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