Hack My Eyes

You've seen my eyes before.

My left eye has always been stronger than my right eye. You can see in pictures from when I was a little kid, my right eyelid was never quite as open as my left. Over time, my brain came to rely more on the input of my left eye.

My contact lens/glasses prescription is roughly the same for both eyes, but I don't "see" as much with my right eye.

The end result is that, for whatever reason, my right eye isn't quite as strong. So I'm trying to fix that.

Each day I am wearing an eye patch over my left eye for about 30-60 minutes. I want my brain to get used to paying attention to my right eye. I hope to improve my overall vision, hand-eye coordination, and aim.

So far, it's been a bit odd, though I've been doing this for just a few days. When I first did it, I found things were a little gray-er when I used just my right eye. And after a while, I started to develop a headache. That doesn't happen much anymore.

I found my depth perception was not significantly affected. I expected greater problems with that when operating on just one eye. The fact that it wasn't affected could mean I just process the intellectual data well, or, more likely, my brain has gotten used to relying heavily on my left eye anyway, rather than letting the two work together.

I'm sure the doctors are groaning about how this is impossible. I'm sure I'll imagine all sorts of conclusions in the weeks to come.

If this works, it will be the cheapest workout program I've ever seen.

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Jon Clarke said...

My left eye was always stronger than my right eye. After laser surgery, it took my eyes weeks to balance.

Good luck!