The facts were these: ABC sucks

Some thoughts from the Pie Maker:

New beginnings only lead to painful endings.

Starting fresh means something else is dying.

Last December, I first wrote about the awesomeness that is Pushing Diasies. Sadly, it was announced this week that ABC will not renew the series. From the PI:

Sources tell TVGuide.com that the network has taken a pass on greenlighting any additional episodes of Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, and that all three series will come to an end when this season's 13-episode orders expire.

Daisies wrapped production on its 13th episode last week, at which point series creator Bryan Fuller said he was holding out hope that high-ranking advocates for his show would work some magic. Didn't happen. Fuller, though, has said that Ned and Chuck's story, in such a sitch, will continue on in comic-book form. So there's that.


I'm not too surprised. The show was too beautiful, creative, and different to survive the tyranny of the Neilsen Ratings.

I will miss coming home from a trip and finding the latest adventures or Chuck, Ned, Olive, Emmerson, Digby, Vivian, and Lily on my TiVo waiting for me.

If only the Pie Maker could touch the show...


Anonymous said...

i agree with you


I am quite sad that all the new shows I watch are going down the drain.

I used to love Eli Stone, then they switched the day and time and it became hard to catch the 2nd season. I love Dirty Sexy Money and now its been canceled. =(

And, don't let me get started on My Own Worst Enemy. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!! But, oh no, that's getting canceled too!!!

Let me stop my ranting and go do something productive, like send millions of complaint emails, loL!

Anonymous said...

I had been noticing that for the past year or so ABC has had the best shows on the air, I watch them more than any other. And then they do this. I also watch Dirty Sexy Money, which, while not great, is a lot of fun with a great cast.

I'm glad they are moving Life on Mars to the time slot after Lost in January, which shows that they want to keep this one alive. It is a fantastic show and they better keep this one on the air.

reign said...

Truly a sad state of television...

I absolutely loved this show. It was one of the few shows I've ever watched that actually made me grin from ear to ear. I would always bounce off the couch clapping and giddy after an episode.

Margie and Edna said...

I know what you mean. :( It is getting to the point where I'm afraid to invest myself in new programs because the ones I love don't seem to survive.

I'm gonna miss that little show.

Patricia Rockwell said...

I read too about "Pushing Daisies" being canceled. That, and "Eli Stone" were really the only fiction I watched on TV. I'm sticking to books. They can't cancel those.

Lapa37 said...

My husband likes this show he will be mad that it is going away.I see one of my shows was listed there as well Eli Stone.ABC is stupid to lose these shows.

:-) MaryLou said...

That stinks!

Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite shows, as is Eli Stone.

Booo, ABC.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your fav show. I never watched it but I'd probably have liked it. Dirty Sexy Money. Nooooooooooo.

Heidi said...

I heard about this too... it really is sad. And to think I was still waiting for the season to start here in the Philippines :(

Anonymous said...

I just can't be bothered to follow TV series, with very, very few exceptions. Pushing Daisies is definitely one of those exceptions.

bluecrystaldude said...

Pushing Daisies is a work of art! I am quite disappointing with their 'cancelation' (ABC tried to avoid that word)..

idearetórica said...

i cannot believe these people.
I love pushing daisies!
How can they just cancel it?!?!

If it weren't for Desperate Housewives, I wouldn't watch ABC
in the first place. But i will miss terribly Pushing Daisies.
Just when they were going to
talk about Ned's father, Emmerson
finding his daughter, Olive's hopeless love for Ned, will Lillian and Vivian ever discover Chuck's alive? and where Chuck's father went.

Curse you ABC!