Save 20% at all Starbucks locations

At Costco the other day, my GF and I were stocking up on frozen food. They shopping cart was a microwavable bonanza. In the middle of there store, there was a big display that caught my eye. It was Costco's big gift card display. They had great deals from a variety of vendors. I grabbed the Starbucks packet.

Costco is selling a pack of Starbucks gift cards worth $100 for just $79.99. It's like getting $20 in Starbucks coffee for free.

They expect people that buy them will use them as gifts, but there is nothing to stop the purchaser from using them him self. If you expect to spend $100 at Starbucks in 2009, it's a worth it to pick up this pack.

By using this for my regular Starbucks visits next year, I will save $20.01. I think this is what Southwest did with jet fuel...

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Anonymous said...

Great idea if you are into Starbucks like so many are!