TV Schedules in the 80s

My GF is a huge fan of the Cosby Show. That got me thinking about the shows I used to watch in the 80s. I enjoyed the Cosby Show, Night Court, Family Ties, Cheers, and the others.

I think I was a fan of a chimp show, too. As I recall, the chimp talked and may have been President. Or he was in the government somehow. I cannot remember the name of the show, though. Or even if it actually existed. If not, maybe I should pitch that to the networks.

For my first attempt to Google it, I searched for various combinations of NBC, Chimp, and President. That gave me a lot George Bush results than I expected.

A few more tries gave me this awesome site. Do you want to know what was on Tuesday nights, at 8:00 PM, on CBS, in 1984? It was AfterMASH.

They have the prime time grids for the entire 80s. If you want to explore more 80s content, you can find links, reference, and Trivia on the top page here.

Unfortunately, the site hasn't been updated since 2006-11-14. But if you want to bury yourself in the 80s, it's worth a visit.

And does anyone know what chimp show I'm thinking about?


Kathy said...

I don't remember the show myself, but it looks like this was it:

Mr. Smith

Who doesn't love a talking orangutan?

Off to check out that 80s site. Sounds cool!

Daisy said...

Maybe it was Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp? He was cool!

Anonymous said...

Broadcast TV bound us all together... and Satellite, Cable and IPTV are tearing us all apart. There are fewer and fewer shared experiences anymore.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for sharing that link. I heart the 80's! :-)

tahtimbo said...

I don't remember the name of the show, but looking at the programming grid brought back a lot of memories. Thanks, it was great going down memory lane:)