Guest of the day

Last week I made it to my hotel and and was about to check in when I saw a sign on the front desk. It announced that I was the Guest of the Day.

It's kind of nice to see that sort of greeting. They offered me my choice of several freebies -- free internet, a free movie, a free appetizer, or a free bottle of wine. I opted for the wine (a Redwood Creek Merlot). Traveling business usually means traveling by my self so I got a couple days out of that bottle.

I guess I've been a pretty good customer for the Hilton near the Orange County Airport (SNA). At the same time, it's a little frightening that I've stayed there enough to justify being Guest of the Day.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Did you get a wine key to open it?

Anonymous said...

You're my guest of a lifetime. :)