Psst! Psst!

My GF and I were walking around Ikea tonight. She hoped to find some good, cheap dishes for Thanksgiving. We didn't have much luck there, so we stopped at the Corelle Outlet store at the barely surviving SuperMall in Auburn. This raises two points.

First, the Corelle store is a great resource and she found everything she needed. And it was cheap.

Second, how is the SuperMall still in business? Even when the economy was strong, the place seemed empty.

But let's go back to Ikea.

While my GF was looking for exactly what she wanted, I meandered about the housewares department, trying to decide if I should buy some more bowls or just do dishes more often.

It was a tough internal debate.

It would be nice to have more bowls because that would mean there's one less thing to think about when I want oatmeal, Top Ramen, chile, or jarred peaches for lunch. Not that I would have all of those in the same bowl at once (I wonder what that would taste like).

On the other hand, I could save $5 and just wash my existing bowls more often. Of course, to accomplish that, I would actually need to wash my bowls more often.

So it was a tough choice.

I wandered around the department, checking Twitter now and again. As I was deep in thought, I would that cry arise from the aisles, "Psst! Psst!" I would pop my head up and begin walking toward the source of the call, thinking my GF wanted to get my opinion on something or let me know we were done there.

As my eyes found the source of the call, though, I saw that it was blonde. That was an important clue that the call came from someone other than my GF. I returned to my browsing.

And so did several other men in the department. It seems that the "Psst! Psst!" is the universal Ikea call that women shopping in housewares use to get the attention of their Significant Others. The call goes out, the SOs pop up to see where it cam from, and ultimately, one will follow the trail while the others go about their business wondering when their "Psst! Psst!" call will come.


Book Calendar said...

Oatmeal with jarred peaches sounds really good or ramen with a little bit of chile. Not all four together.

I have a mentality that does not do too well with superstores. I don't like them too much.

Oddly enough, I really like shopping online because I don't have to go to a giant store.

I wish we had an Ikea near us, but we don't.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that cracked me up. Psst, psst? Gee, when I'm in a store, my husband just bellows out my name from across the store to get my attention. After 38 years, I've given up on teaching social graces...

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. . . a neat slice of life and some great observations on the great internal debate. . . do I need more bowls or wash the ones I have more often?


Psst. SO and I have a whistle. . . which keeps me from following all of those pssts for OPSOs (other people's significant others).

Anonymous said...

LOL! I imagine it's the same for parents. When their kids scream out "MOM!" or "DAD!" all the parents pop their heads up to see who called. PSSST! Oh, and is that also why you buy tons of underwear, so you don't have to do laundry as often? :) I heart you!

Wendy said...

Hilarious! Keep up the great writing.