The Enterprise computer is offline

Sad news this week from the world of Star Trek.

One of the Star Trek universe's most prolific actresses died of Leukemia at the age of 76.

Majel Roddenberry (widow of Star Trek creator Gene roddenberry) may be know to fans of the original Star Trek series as Number One or as Nurse (and later Dr.) Christine Chapel. She may be known to fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation as Lwaxana Troi. Ans she may be known to fans throughout the universe as the voice of Federation computers.

Majel Roddenberry was the only actress to appear in every Star Trek TV series and Star Trek movie. She finished voice over work for the newest Star Trek movie shortly before she died.

She also had a great reputation in the fan community for how she treated the Trekers.

Her list of credits is amazing, and extends beyond Star Trek.

Majel Roddenberry was an actress and appeared in many of the Star Trek TV shows and films. She died at her Bel-Air home, the AP reports, with friends and her son, Eugene Roddenberry Jr., at her side. Gene Roddenberry passed away in 1991.

"My mother truly acknowledged and appreciated the fact that Star Trek fans played a vital role in keeping the Roddenberry dream alive for the past 42 years," her son said, in a statement on the Roddenberry Productions website. "It was her love for the fans, and their love in return, that kept her going for so long after my father passed away."

... More at the Seattle PI and at Roddenberry.Com


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is sad. Mom ls a Trekkie! Majel's role of Lwaxana Troi, an outrageous and exuberant character, was Mom's favorite.

Anonymous said...

Ah, this is terrible news. I love Star Trek. Yeah... better than Star Wars.

Mike Golch said...

She will be missed.

Unknown said...

This is so sad.

Anonymous said...

A sad day indeed.