Snow in Seattle

We had some snow in Seattle Saturday night, and, of course, the media was in full snow panic. We got about 1.5" in my neighborhood, and the street level stuff was gone in the morning. Still, all we heard on the news was terror about the winter storm. To be fair, other parts of the state did get real snow, but it still did not merit the full on panic we heard about.

Regardless, I took these pictures from my deck.

2008-12-14 Snow in Seattle Tree

2008-12-14 Snow in Seattle Gnome and Bamboo

2008-12-14 Snow in Seattle Chair and Table

2008-12-14 Snow in Seattle Space Needle 2

2008-12-14 Snow in Seattle Downtown


Unknown said...

i lived in kent for a couple of years, and i remember a "big storm" that was predicted. coming from south dakota i expected snow! what we got was about an inch and it was like people were freaking out. i found out that they sure don't know how to drive in conditions like that, holy buckets!

AVCr8teur said...

That's a nice dusting of snow to get into the mood for the holidays. The sky opened up here earlier today, but it's sunny again.

Mom said...

Send some snow to Georgia... (please)

MaricrisG said...

evryone is getting snow except us! ugh! Send some snow this way! :) Nice view btw.

Anonymous said...

I live in Tucson, AZ. The weather said it "might" snow here soon! That's almost a Christmas miracle, and they are calling it a winter storm-people here don't know what to do with snow either!
I DO hope we get some, I miss snow.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I live in Mill Creek, near Bothell and the snow here is pretty thick. I'm sure you're familiar with the place.

According the news, there's another snow storm coming tomorrow. Holy cow!

Perky said...

I miss having snow. Christmas with no snow ain't exactly christmas in my mind.

I'll be in Australia during Christmas and it's super hot there during this time of the year. So yeah, I miss snow.

Anonymous said...

I thought it rains all the time in Seattle. Nice to hear there's snow , too

Angi said...

Hi there -

I live in Kirkland, and my co-workers and I were just discussing this yesterday, how the "Winter Storm Warning" turned out to be pretty disappointing. ;-) Today made up for it, though, we got about 5 inches out this way!

Anonymous said...

We only get snow like once every year here in the East Bay, California. Man would it be cool to get some real snowstorms!