Sprint's Now Website

Do you like random data, trivia and number? You may like this site then.

My GF sent me the link a couple week's back. I can't decide if this is just appalling, or if it's one of the awesomest things I've seen on the web. Maybe it's both.

What's your favorite widget on there? I'm partial to "Habitable Planets" counter. I'm keeping an eye on that one.


Stanley! said...

Jesus, it's painfully slow to scroll around on that site, but some of those widgets are interesting.

I'm a fan of coffee cups produced, but find "transplants today" the most useful way to determine which of my internal organs would be most in demand on the black market (you never know...).

Gwen said...

That is amazing. I'm on a large monitor so most of it shows up at once. I wasted a good 20 minutes just wiggling my mouse around!

Anonymous said...

Visited the site as I happened to have some time today to surf around.

The page loads very slowlyfor me but the widgets are interesting.

Anonymous said...

Mom is a bit dismayed at how many days are left before Doughnut Day.

Anonymous said...

Much of it strikes as me as filler but once you get past the turtle like scrolling it's interesting