Reading for a year

Well, I've had a pretty good Christmas. I'm well stocked on reading and other material for the year. This year, Santa brought me:

  • Isaac Asimov -- Prelude to Foundation
  • Isaac Asimov -- Forward the Foundation
  • Isaac Asimov -- Foundation and Earth
  • Isaac Asimov -- Second Foundation
  • Isaac Asimov -- Foundation and Empire
  • Isaac Asimov -- Foundation
  • Christopher Moore -- The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
  • Rickford Grant -- Ubuntu for Non-Geeks
  • Michael Rushnak -- Terminal Neglect
  • Enya -- And Winter Came
  • C*Pen Hand Held Scanner (Works better than I expected)
  • Pentax 50mm F1.4 Lens
  • Pentax remote shutter release
  • Subway Map
  • Assorted Gnomes from France and Pennsylvania (critical to the health of plants)

So after a relaxing morning and an afternoon with an assortment of highly entertaining relatives (I earned 2 starred dollars), it looks like a busy year ahead of me.

How was your Christmas?


Jacey of Altairi said...

great santa you have there! Santa had to help pay my speeding ticket from Thanksgiving......not as fun!

Anonymous said...

Anything by Christopher Moore is wonderful. A Dirty Job is pee in your pants funny.

Anonymous said...

great books. i wouldn't mind taking a few months off just to read. i've been slacking. enjoy.

Anonymous said...

It's funny -- I saw your title and then quickly skimmed your post and for a moment I thought the subway map was part of your 2009 reading list and I thought "Ookaaaay... whatever."