Seth Green saves Heroes

I was starting to worry about Heroes. Last season, cut short by the writers strike, picked up a lot of grief from Season 1 fans and the media in general. They complained it was too slow and plodding. While I may be the only person in the world who liked the Hiro in Japan story, I can see their point.

The ratings were pretty bad early in this season, and the story was only okay. The characterizations were off, the plot lacked direction, and things got a bit silly.

The show did turn around, though. In the episode where the heroes lost their powers, Hiro and Ando wander into a comic book store run by everyone's favorite werewolf, Seth Green (not that he was a werewolf here -- just a normal comic book store guy).

Sure there are some major astronomical and metaphysical problems with the plot in that story. But that's where it started to turn around. I'm left to wonder if that episode is where Bryan Fuller started to have an impact after coming back to Heroes from the soon to end Pushing Daisies.

The show began to get back on its feet the moment Seth Green's character gave his speech to Hiro. It's like he was speaking to the entire show.

The rest of the season was awesome. There was still some stupidity, of course (the rescue of Hiro from the past (really? your going to run really fast and turn back time? Superman already did that in the 70s (and it was a stupid idea then, too))). The show, however, is back.

In the preview for the next half of the season, they start to paint Nathan Petrelli as the bad guy -- turning in the Heroes so they can be confined.

What makes this interesting is that the bad guy in the season will not actually be a Bad Guy. He's doing what he thinks is right in order to help the world. He may be misguided, but he is certainly not evil. He's doing it not for personal gain, greed, or power, but to help all human kind.

Arthur Petrelli, Adam Monroe, and Sylar have all been evil characters. They are looking out for themselves. Hating them is easy.

This new direction also draws interesting contrasts between Nathan and his brother Peter. Two people are both trying to do the right thing and will come into powerful conflict because of it.

And it's all because Seth Green showed up.


Jacey of Altairi said...

I find that Seth Green does that a lot! He is a great scene-stealer and totally revives things. I've loved him in everything I've seen him in! Never watched Hereos but now you have me wanting to tune in!

Pok Dell said...

Heroes is getting bored..I prefer Prison Break, it got a great new plot.

Beat Black said...

haha, all because of Seth Green huh?

I agree that the show was getting kinda queer. Even with the turnaround I still think the first season was the best season.

gotta love heroes

Patricia Rockwell said...

I do love "Heroes" but I'm not sure that Seth Green saved it. The rest of the season still seemed convoluted to me--bad to good to bad, etc. Too hard to follow and too much unexplained action. I wish it would go back to the first season where the mysteries unfolded more naturally and we got to know the characters better.

Jane Doe said...

I love Seth Green!

Just thought I'd share. ;-)

Jason said...

I actually liked this season. I wonder how long they're going to keep following the storyline that leads to the future that Peter came back from to kill Nathan. Are they going to try to fix this by sending somebody back in time? If Nathan gets his head out of his ass before things really get bad, will that keep future Peter from coming back and trying to kill him, then changing things that happened in the first half of this season? And did anyone else wonder what ever became of Linderman after the first few episodes?