The CES 2009 Gambling Report

The trade show wrapped up on Sunday.

After a tasty Sushi dinner at JPop in Mandalay Bay, followed by dessert at Chocolate Swan, I headed over to the MGM Grand to do a little gambling.

That was probably not my best move.

I quickly lost $20 in a Deal or No Deal slot machine -- Damn you, Mandel, you bald headed freak!

I followed that up with the quickest round of Black Jack I have ever played. I went through $100 in about 12 minutes. The only reason that took so long was because the dealer had to shuffle the 6 deck shoe in the middle of the massacre.

After some aimless wondering while the shock of my money whooshing out of my pockets like a Boeing 777 taking off, I sat down at a big Alien themed slot machine in Luxor. I put in $20, dropped down to $10, got up to $60, and finally cashed out at $48.06. And it was tough to hit that cash out button. But I met my quitting target, so that's exactly what I did.

Here's the summary:

MGM Grad slot machine: -$20
MGM $10 Black Jack table: -$100
Luxor slot machine: +$28.06

Total gambling profit/loss: -$91.94

While it's a little disappointing, I can take comfort in knowing that I'm still playing with "house" money. I've had some good luck at the casinos in recent years. This year's loss just comes out of the winnings I had last year.

Next time, I'll bring my rabbit's foot.


Anonymous said...

Wow great post. I was good at poker when I was a kid. I stumbled your blog with my Hubby's stumbling account coz he is lazy lol. as qiman.

AVCr8teur said...

At least you still money to get home. Play penny slots next time, you'll last a little longer.