Location Aware Lifestyle in Wired

In the current issue of Wired (17.02), author Matthew Honan takes a look at GPS enabled services.

I wanted to know more about this new frontier, so I became a geo-guinea pig. My plan: Load every cool and interesting location-aware program I could find onto my iPhone and use them as often as possible. For a few weeks, whenever I arrived at a new place, I would announce it through multiple social geoapps. When going for a run, bike ride, or drive, I would record my trajectory and publish it online. I would let digital applications help me decide where to work, play, and eat. And I would seek out new people based on nothing but their proximity to me at any given moment. I would be totally open, exposing my location to the world just to see where it took me. I even added an Eye-Fi Wi-Fi card to my PowerShot digital camera so that all my photos could be geotagged and uploaded to the Web. I would become the most location-aware person on the Internets!


This article is the story of his 3 week experience.

It highlights some of the advantages and pitfalls of using these devices. What I found particularly interesting is how he talks about the privacy problems with these devices in a non-fear-mongering way. It's also about just his personal experiences which makes it entertaining and accessible.

Obviously this is all just anecdotes, but Honan does give the reader some interesting points to consider.

GPS devices are making their way into cars, cell phones, MP Players and digital cameras. Blogger and Flickr both support geo-tagging.

If you are a tech enthusiast and not yet thinking about the implications of this change, and the impacts it may have on your life, now is a good time to start. And this article is a nice entry into the world.

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