Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (18)

Seattle used to have a trolley that ran along the waterfront. The popular tourist attraction and commute option was closed in 2005 to make room for Olympic Sculpture Park.

Olympic Sculpture Park is an outdoor, unfenced art gallery, exposing the people of Seattle to these modern pieces. Within a day or two of opening that staff was complaining that people were TOUCHING the art and it was so delicate, the oils from people's hands would likely damage the pieces. It seem like they should have thought about that while they were designing the park.

Regardless, it is a beautiful place. It has sweeping views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. And, of course, it's free. It's a great place to wander about during a busy day or a hectic visit to Seattle.

I took these pictures when my Mother was in town over the summer.

But first, consider yourself warned:

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (7)

The fountains are on a timer that controls how high the water sprays. Sometimes the man is hidden in the water; sometimes the boy is hidden. And for part of the cycle, you can see them both.

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (25)

At first glance, this one looks like a wacky clown.

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (15)

It'a actually an old school typewriter eraser. I really like the color of the blue bristles.

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (17)

This represents the shipping industry.

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (5)

And here is a bird keeping an eye on the mountains.

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (3)

And while you're looking at the park, remember, it may be looking back at you.

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (20)

But no matter who is watching, it can still be a peaceful, pleasant visit.

2008-07-29 Seattle Sculpture Park (26)


Anonymous said...

I miss Seattle...

The Astral Cowboy said...

I love the eraser!

Angi said...

I LOVE the sculpture park. It's the perfect place to walk and watch the sun go down. Seattle is the best...

Anonymous said...

I like the eyes watching you watch them :)

Anonymous said...

That's marvelous - I like the eraser and the bird and the eyes...Wow

Stacy Uncorked said...

Oh how I miss Seattle...I was born and raised there - moved to PA to help look after my aging/ailing FIL...get to come back to visit family and friends, but not often enough! :)

Perky said...

Wow, seattle has interesting things to see (I've never been there).

I found the old school typewriter eraser to be most interesting as I've never seen those in real life too hehehe...