Investment choices for 2009

Last year, I made my annual deposit into my Roth IRA and then did the best thing I possibly could have with that cash -- nothing. 2008 was obviously a bad year for the stock market (worst since the thirties). I still managed to beat the S&P 500 by about 2%.

And outside of stock market, I did pretty okay with some credit card arbitrage. Hopefully in this era of shockingly low interest rates, I'll have more opportunities for that.

The stock market always has down years. You can't have the big up years without those occasionally plummets. And long term, the stock market is still the best investment choice out there. So I will continue to put funds I don't plan to need for 10 years into the market.

After the plunge, there are bound to be some good bargains out there. I'm in the early stages of my stock shopping now. I'm doing more research in the coming weeks, but here are the companies I am considering as investment opportunities.

I already own some of these, but I will take a look at every thing I already own and decide whether or not to keep it. The key factor in deciding whether or not to keep it will be, "Would I buy it at this price?" If not, it's gone.

Any thoughts on those companies as investment opportunities? What stocks are you looking at as we head into the new year?


Lou said...

Hey, what about Walmart? :-)

Anonymous said...

How about some tips for someone like me who is interested in stocks, but not having much to invest? It gets quite frustrating trying to find information for us, shall I say "poorer folk". The few investment companies I have called acted as if my money was no good because there wasn't enough of it as a start. Is there a minimum to it? Just a thought.

Retro Kimmer said...

Don't know about Tivo they have a lot of competition now. Happy New Year Cromely! I gave you a little award tonight. It's Retrokimmer.Com



Anonymous said...

I'm saying "nay" to Starbucks... in this economy, I can no longer enjoy a coffee after paying five bucks for it...


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah... Happy New Year!!